Essex Heart Fund supports patients in the community. We undertake world class heart research and are continuing to develop new treatments for heart patients in Essex. All funds raised through Essex Heart Fund are used in Essex for the benefit of local people.


Whilst Covid continues to affect many communities. We are continuing with our work and fundraising in Essex. Click here to read more.

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An important new charitable fund in Essex

Essex is blessed with some of the world’s leading cardiovascular clinicians providing cutting edge treatment from a superb Cardiovascular Centre in Basildon. The Essex Heart Fund Charity has been established to provide long term care for local patients and to support research into new and innovative lifesaving treatments.

The main functions of the Fund are:

 To provide ongoing post-treatment support for patients & families through follow up calls, interest groups, seminars & education.

 To encourage and develop lifesaving research into causes, diagnosis and treatments of heart conditions and diseases.

 To provide vital grants to voluntary organisations working with cardiac patients in the community.

The initiative to set up EHF has come directly from the Clinicians involved and will benefit the whole of the county.





Supporting Essex patients in the community

Many heart conditions present with little warning. Being rushed to hospital for emergency treatment can be stressful for patients and their families. Returning home and resuming normal life can also be difficult.

We want to help by supporting local patient groups in the community. In addition we are developing Programmes where hospital staff contact patients in the weeks following discharge to provide additional support.


Help us support heart research and develop new treatments for patients in Essex

Research activity is an important part of modern healthcare. We support research activity to help our patients now and in the future. This vital work helps develop new treatments and develop a spirit of excellence in Essex. We need your help to build on our current work and make Essex one of the leading areas of the country for heart research…

Dr Klio Konstantinou presenting heart research
from Essex at a major international conference


World class care for Essex patients when they need us most

The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre is recognised Internationally for work on patients suffering from cardiac arrest.

The programme is led by Dr Thomas Keeble ‘we look to provide excellence in what we do and are grateful for those who support us. We work in hospitals and have teaching programmes to develop resuscitation skills for the public in Essex’.

By supporting Essex Heart Fund, you are helping to care for heart patients in local communities and develop new research and treatments. The Essex Heart Fund is managed through Essex Community Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1052061).


Essex Heart Fund
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